Seven steelbook (Japan)

Hello. This is my review on Seven (Se7en) Japanese steelbook.

Really nice artwork. Apparently zero finish on this steelbook.

“What’s in the box?”

Since this steelbook is not amazon exclusive, you can buy copy at every retailer in Japan. And the price is reasonable.

Purchase link:AmazonJP | Rakuten
Release date:2017/12/16
Number of Disk:1 (Blu-ray)
Region code: Free
Audio: English, Japanese
Subtitle: English, Japanese

Dunkirk 4K steelbook [ exclusive]

This is AmazonJP exclusive Dunkirk 4K steelbook. I was lucky to be able to pre-order this item in time because it quickly became out of stock. Now you can only buy copy from third party seller.

Matte finish with spot gloss on spark and title, which is very nice.

3 disks included: 4K ultraHD, Blu-ray and bonus disk. I was disappointed that the tray only holds 2 discs. The bonus was put into a paper case.

dunkirk 4k steelbook j-card

Purchase link:AmazonJP
Release date:2017/12/20
Number of Disk:3 (4K UHD+2D+Bonus disk)
Region code: Free
Audio: English 5.1ch DTS-HD Master Audio, Japanese Dolby Digital 5.1ch
Subtitle: English, Japanese

La La Land Japanese steelbook


This is La La Land Japanese steelbook. I bought this for 6500 yen. Very expensive. But I really like the artwork and glossy finish on this steelbook.

Release Date: August 2, 2017
Purchase link:
Number of Disks: 2 (Blu-ray + bonus disk)
Region Code: Free
Finishes: Glossy
Note: Includes booklet. (+Preorder bonus item: Original ticket holder)